Teachable Moments Plate

Designed to help parents

You will receive so much joy as you teach your children “to be imitators of God” (Eph 5:1) and an example of Christ (1 Peter 2:21)


Kindness, patient, loving, joyful, responsible, considerate, self-controlled, diligent


This plate helps you, it is a great tool! When you do recognize the godly behavior, character or action, then you encourage that child’s behavior or character with them having dinner on the “I saw Jesus in you today” plate. The parent’s talks about the godly behavior, character or action that was exhibited that day.


The end goal would be your children would grow and understand godly behavior and character and incorporate them into every part of their lives. It’s not just head knowledge God wants from us, but God wants His Word to be put into our actions that comes from our heart.

Great Tool For the Family

Perfect for reinforcing godly character traits such as: kindness, responsibility, patience, consideration of others, love, self-control, etc. etc.


Kids Love It!

Perfect for reinforcing godly character traits: kindness, responsibility, patience, consideration for others, love, self-control, joyfulness, diligence. When we recognize Christlikeness in a child or spouse it’s fun to...

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Wedding Gift

This special dinner plate would make a great wedding gift because it helps establish a godly tradition early in marriage. Those first few years of marriage are an adjustment for most couples but seeing this plate in the...

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This plate isn’t just for parents with children at home. It’s also a great tool for older couples to use with each other and with their grandchildren. What a blessing it would be to have a spouse honor the other one in...

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What Others Say

Many people agree that this is an excellant tool for rewarding Christ-like actions within the home.

We love using this plate. It’s a practical and loving way to show someone in our family that we appreciate the Christ-like behavior that they demonstrated. It’s a great teaching tool to use with our children to reinforce the godly behavior that they demonstrated and it’s fun when our kids surprise us and honor us with the plate, too!

Becky Zale