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erfect for reinforcing godly character traits such as kindness, responsibility, patience, consideration for others, love, self-control, joyfulness and diligence. When we recognize Christlikeness in a child or spouse it’s fun to encourage them to continue on that path by surprising them with an “I Saw Jesus In You Today” plate. When they sit down for a meal, they may not even realize what they did that was pleasing to God but it’s fun to encourage them by sharing what we noticed. In a world where it's easy to think only of ourselves, this plate encourages us to look for the good in others.

Wedding Gift

This special dinner plate would make a great wedding gift because it helps establish a godly tradition early in marriage. Those first few years of marriage are an adjustment for most couples but seeing this plate in the cupboard on a daily basis is a great reminder to look for the good and not the bad in a spouse. It’s easy for us to get irritated with a spouse and to focus on the negative but when we choose to focus on the positive and encourage the godly habits that we are seeing it gives us an opportunity to build them up rather than tear them down. Romans 14:19 reminds us to pursue peace and build each other up. Honoring a spouse with this special plate is a great way to do so.


This plate isn’t just for parents with children at home. It’s also a great tool for older couples to use with each other and with their grandchildren. What a blessing it would be to have a spouse honor the other one in this small way at a meal. Or, when your grandchildren come over it’s a great opportunity to help disciple them and teach them what Jesus wants to see in our lives. Ephesians 5:1 reminds us that our lives need to reflect the example that Jesus set for us. When we are following His example it will be reflected in our actions, words and spirit. This plate is a great tool to encourage a spouse or grandchild when we see them living out these character qualities. When we choose to honor someone with this plate we are helping fulfill the command in I Thessalonians 5:11 which tells us to encourage and build each other up.